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Marlena Ray - Maid of Honor
As with almost of all of my wedding party, I met Marlena through Antioch C of C's youth group. I believe we started hanging out in 8th grade, though since she's just always been around, the time line gets a bit fuzzy. Although usually fairly quiet, she's probably the most trustworthy person I know. And she laughs at my stupid humor, so that makes me feel cool. Everything you need in a great friend.

Alivia Soto - Maid of Honor
Alivia is the lone friend in my bridal party I actually met through school. She also was the first to teach me many things that my mother probably wouldn't approve. She's contagiously fun, a riot to be around, and one of the most loyal people I have ever known.

Lora Leigh Collins - Bridesmaid
Lora Leigh is one of my many charming girl cousins, but has been more than family just about as long as I can remember. Obviously I have known her since her birth, so I've had many a chance to see every side of her personality, and she loves to laugh. She's thoughtful, honest (especially when it comes to fashion), and loves children, especially her new little boy, Mason.

Chalice Perrin - Bridesmaid
Chalice and I became friends quite through accident at church camp after apparently she laid awake in bed all night wondering why another girl and I were whispering about her (because Chalice always is followed by the juiciest gossip). It took a little explaining the next day we were doing no such thing, and since then we have been great friends. She's brutally honest, a trait I have loved, and a true friend. She's always been there for me, even when I haven't asked for her to be.

Hillary Anderson - Bridesmaid
Sexy mama! Another of the fabulous five cousins I have, with the most pizazz. She's bold, fun, beautiful, and extremely creative. I can't tell you how many times our ridiculous home videos have made us laugh until we cried. If you've seen "GRAPES," you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Sarah Thompson - Bridesmaid
My dear Sarah and I have been friends ever since I was her camp counselor. She's always up for my goofy ideas, even when they end up making us look like huge giggling dorks. She makes me laugh, and makes me always feel loved, even when I have on Erkel glasses, frizzy hair, and old pajamas. She can make anyone smile.

Karen Birdwell - Bridesmaid
Karen is another friend I made while being her camp counselor. She's the youngest of my friends, but definitely not the least. She's witty, makes a great mutant beast (which looks vaguely like a pig/elephant/rabbit with a killer body), and is picture perfect All-American athlete. She's always kept my spirits up with her big smile, cute voices, and great attitude.

Houston Runion - Best Man
I met Houston while working at a startup internet company whose slogan might as well have been "The Worst Marketing Idea Ever." Years later, Houston bailed me out of a tight spot when I was looking for work and helped me land a job as a web developer at Metro. He and his wife Heidi have a lovely home with a projector screen and a comfy couch, so we visit often. Even when not invited. It's okay, though ... "make yourselves at home" is practically a standing invitation, the way I understand it.

Thomas Shields - Groomsman
Thomas and I met at our church's youth group in 9th grade. The first time we ever hung out was on the annual Christmas Shopping Trip to Hickory Hollow Mall. I loaned him three dollars so he could buy a "Cheers" trivia game. I never saw that money again. We went on to share a dorm room together our freshman year at UT Knoxville. Thomas bet me twenty dollars he'd be able to dunk a basketball by the end of the year. That never happened, either. So if anyone runs into Thomas at the wedding reception, please kindly inform him that I still want my twenty-three dollars, and white men can't jump.

Josh Wells - Groomsman
I became friends with Josh in the latter part of high school, mostly thanks to the horrendous experience known as "Track and Field" that we both participated in together. But if you wanted to play a co-ed sport, it was either that or swimming, so no regrets. Our post-high school adventures include drinking chilled Southern Comfort in Montreal while listening to the local Irish pub's band, "The Wells" (which regardless of Southern Comfort, we still maintain surely had some profound significance), and skiing in Utah ... if falling face forward in the snow repeatedly can actually be called "skiing."

Mike Mattingly - Groomsman
Mike and I became friends because he lived one floor below me in our college dorm and was the only person we knew with a Nintendo 64 and a copy of "Goldeneye." Since I am the best Goldeneye player to have ever lived, I naturally spent lots of time embarrassing him and countless others with my video gaming prowess, which is probably why I was so popular with the ladies. He is also the only groomsman who was involved with "X-Factor." If you know what that means, then you're probably a geek.

Tyler Henson - Groomsman
I met Tyler in the summer after 7th grade on a middle school trip to Atlanta. We went to Six Flags and all had to adhere to the rules of the "buddy system." My buddy was Brent Blackwelder. Tyler's buddy was Jason Bragg. Neither of them apparently grasped the concept of this "buddy system," so we found ourselves wandering aimlessly. We were picked up like the amusement park vagabonds we were and paired together as a new "buddy" unit. Tyler then spent eight dollars of my money - one dollar at a time - trying to win a basketball. Look at me. Do I look like I play basketball? But it was a nice gesture. Jump forward a bunch of years, and Tyler and I roomed together for a couple of years with Ken Pruiksma. He had lots of DVD's and an obsessive need for cleanliness, so it worked out well.

Logan Baughman - Groomsman
Logan and I met when he was born. He was tiny. Things change.

Marshall Baughman - Groomsman
Marshall was my last chance at having a little brother I could pick on, but he grew faster than the list of people who think "Saturday Night Live" quit being funny after the late 90's. And then he learned martial arts. Well played, karma. Well played.