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You hear so many stories about how when two people meet and are supposed to be together, sparks fly, time stands still, the world around you fades away ... This is not what happened when I met Dave. It was a breif hello as he pulled away his headphones while playing a computer game and half waving. Sounds remarkable, doesn't it? Let me back up a little bit.

I grew up in Antioch, TN, and attended Ezell Harding Christian School. Ezell is a private Christian school, and as is typical we had very small classes with people we spent most of our lives with. One such person is still my good friend, Ken. We stayed good friends after our graduation while attending MTSU. There we both joined the Student Christian Center. Ken was dedicated and successful, buying his house at a young age and of course, doing well in school. I, on the other hand, was a complete slacker at the time, and had more fun joining the Christian Center's drama group. It was there I met my now good, yet slightly insane, friend, Tyler.

As it turns out, Tyler and Dave had attended school together for several years. Dave was returning from his freshman year at UT and needed a place to crash. Dave talked to Tyler, Tyler met Ken at the student center with me, and there you have it. Dave was living back in Murfreesboro with one of my good friends. It was then that I was greeted by the charming young man sitting in his t-shirt and boxers yelling at the computer screen in front of him. I was interested in actually having a conversation with him beyond the nonchalant wave and hello, but he just kept right on not noticing when I was there, far more concerned with playing with his friends at the time. I would hang out over there pretty regularly, and there was always a polite hello, but nothing beyond that. Little did I know, he was curious about me as well, but neither of us ever pursued anything beyond that.

Things went on this way for quite some time, actually. Several months after we met, I happened to be on AOL Instant Messenger asking Ken to burn me a CD when Dave overheard him downloading songs. It so happened we had a similar taste in music, particularly Candlebox's "Left behind." So began the small talk. Evenually we discovered that we both really enjoyed climbing, and started hitting the rock gym together. He had a great smile, and goofy sense of humor, and I couldn't keep from smiling around him. We dated a little bit, but the timing wasn't right so many years ago. It wasn't until almost four years ago that he became my closest friend. Not suprisingly, things started to change, and we both began to realize we wanted more, and one really gutsy move and a kiss fixed that. That's when there were the fireworks.

Now I can't imagine life any different. Although we met so long ago, since we have been together I have found so many connections to Dave in such a small world. We could've met so many different ways. I realize, though, that it doesn't matter how we met - just how fortunate I am to be able to spend the rest of my life with my best friend, someone who keeps me laughing and smiling, who knows me better than I know myself, and is the love everyone hopes they find.